School-based Mentoring: What we are doing about it

What we are doing about it

YMCA Social Impact currently runs year long mentoring programs at various locations, with a goal to expand across more sites in the future. The program supports over 50 vulnerable young people through carefully selected pair or triad ‘matches’ with adult skilled volunteers, over the course of a full school year.

Breakdown of a mentoring day

Breakdown of a mentoring day

How the numbers show it is working

  • Reduction in school absenteeism rates
  • Improvement in academic performance
  • Increase in involvement in extracurricular activities such as sporting and youth groups
  • Increase in involvement or interest in vocational/ trade/ tertiary programs
  • Reduction in school and legal disciplinary incidences such as detentions, suspensions and outside-school matters

How we make a match

  • Shared interests
  • Personality types
  • Shared experiences
  • New perspectives to offer
  • Compatible values
  • Shared emerging skills

... But most importantly: Genuine Friendship!

All this equals a relationship built on honesty, empathy and respect.

How the students show it is working

  • Better regulation of their emotions
  • Improved social skills
  • Improved interpersonal and communication ability
  • Higher self-esteem
  • More developed self-identity
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