School-based Mentoring: How you can help

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There may be a group of young people in yours school who need support from a role model.

If you would like to give them access to skilled volunteers and an evidence-based program, with positive outcomes, contact us to start up a YMCA School-Based Mentoring Program in your school.

How would we work with your school

How would we work with your school

The YMCA is committed to working collaboratively with schools and local communities, in order to maximize the social impact made on the lives of young people. As such, the program’s structure is flexible and can accommodate differing schools needs. Program length, session times and content can all be altered to suit each school’s unique culture and curriculum requirements.

What makes a mentor?

  • A willingness to give a young person a Real Opportunity to grow in mind, body and spirit. That is, to help a young person develop emotional capabilities, interpersonal skills and an ambitious attitude to achieve their aspirations
  • A strong sense of empathy for those who have experienced disadvantage and dysfunction
  • A willingness to gain relevant and practical experience
  • An eagerness to grow both personally and professionally
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