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>> Support Us

>> Support Us

There are many ways you can be involved and have an impact on a child’s health, wellbeing and future. You can volunteer your time to serve breakfast, you can support us with donations of food or run food drives on our behalf or provide funds for us to purchase breakfast food items.

Want to help provide breakfast to hungry kids?

Every donation helps!

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>> Volunteers Are Invaluable

>> Volunteers Are Invaluable

For a variety of reasons, a significant number of children come to school without eating breakfast or a substantially healthy breakfast. These students are disadvantaged by hunger and poor nutrition. Not only does this affect their education, but it also affects their long term health and wellbeing.

The YMCA Schools’ Breakfast Program is supported by hundreds of dedicated volunteers who consist of members of the community (retirees, semi-retirees, parents, job seekers, corporate volunteers), school students, school staff and school chaplains.

Volunteers are the crucial element to Breakfast Programs, the very backbone of the program’s success.

They are breakfast mentors, and positive adult role models. Volunteers provide a warm friendly greeting on a chilly day. They offer acceptance and a safe haven to a child who may be hungry, isolated or vulnerable.

Volunteers can turn what could have been an unhappy, uncomfortable, disruptive day for a child into a day filled with warmth, hope, a full tummy and a real opportunity in the classroom.

Thanks to our Sponsors and Supporters:

  • Slide Clem
    The Clem Jones Group of Companies for their financial support of the YMCA Breakfast Club.
  • YMCA of Brisbane for their financial and in kind support of the breakfast program.
  • Slide Food
    Foodbank QLD, whose donations of bread, cereal, spreads juice, and fruit, supplying most of the food for the Breakfast Program.
  • Slide Kellogs
    Kellogg's Breakfast for Better Days, for their donations of breakfast cereal.
  • Slide Tip Top
    Tip Top Bread, George Weston Foods for their donations of sliced bread.
  • Slide Cjs
    Complete Janitorial Supplies for their support with purchasing disposable cups, bowls and cutlery at cost price, and donations of various equipment for the breakfast program food warehouse.
  • Slide Southport
    Southside Sport and Community Club for their support of all YMCA Social Impact programs.
  • Slide Tork
    SCA Hygiene Australasia - TORK, for the donation of serviettes, cleaning cloths and paper towels for the breakfast program.
  • Slide Coles
    Coles Supermarket (Logan Central), for their donations of jam for the breakfast program.
  • Slide Oz
    Oz Harvest for their donations of fresh fruit and vegetables for our breakfast and lunch programs.
  • Slide Second
    Secondbite, for their donations of bread and fruit for the breakfast program.
  • Slide Su
    Scripture Union Chaplaincy for school chaplains who oversee the breakfast.

>> The Future Of The Program

>> The Future Of The Program

The YMCA would like to expand the Schools’ Breakfast Program to support 200 schools and provide 1,000,000 free breakfast meals each year.

To achieve this goal, more donations and support from the community are vital. Establishment of additional warehouses in areas such as Ipswich, the Gold Coast and the North Side are essential to the logistical development of this expansion.

> Register your school for a YMCA Schools’ Breakfast Program

The Breakfast Club

A Poem by Max Evans

There are things that we take for granted not available to those in need
Like a shelter for keeping us safe at night or a bed and a good feed
There are many children who come to school without a breakfast meal
Who cannot concentrate on their lessons because of the hunger that they feel
But a rescuer has come forth in the form of the YMCA
They run a breakfast club to give students a meal to start their day
A drink of milk a piece of toast and a bowl of cereal too
A happy smile and a kind word help these kids it is true
It is always good to be there to show the students how we feel
We communicate that we care, and our concern for them is real
It is more than serving toast at the breakfast club
The children learn living skills, it is a social hub
As we work together, sponsors, volunteers, teachers, and the rest
A perfect team to give these students the very best
To make sure that their learning day gets off to a brighter start
All must participate, all must do their part
To be a breakfast club worker there is nothing that can compare
With the joy of meeting friends and the children we help there
You feel like your some one special and it really makes your day
As a breakfast club worker and a volunteer for the YMCA