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YMCA Siblings Reconnect responds to the needs of those separated through foster care by nurturing for and developing caring relationships in a fun and safe camp environment. Camp is a time where these children aged seven to thirteen years old are reunited to enjoy in three fun-filled days comprising of high-ropes, canoeing and archery along with celebrating all the missed birthdays, Easters and Christmas. An energetic group of young volunteers have been making a positive contribution to these children’s lived since April 2012. Within 12 months of providing this unique experience YMCA Siblings Reconnect has brought together 70 children and reunited 28 families.

It is envisaged that YMCA Siblings Reconnect will continue to grow in its ability to have a positive impact on the lives of these children, but this is only possible with your support. Over the next twelve months YMCA Siblings Reconnect seeks to launch Adventure Days, allowing siblings to see each other more often.

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